Charity Challenge Quilt #3 “Hot Plate” officially complete!

I finally finished binding this quilt. Hurrah!

Hot Plate quilt

This quilt is made with dresden plates which of course inspired the name “Hot Plate.” The plates were fun to make and I am excited to try something else along those lines – but it was a lot of work. Cutting out the pieces is really tedious. I did buy a special ruler for this purpose and it helped quite a bit.

Hot Plate close up

The plate fabric is Kaffe Fasset – I bought it in a jelly roll (which probably didn’t exactly improve the tedious nature of the cutting) and loved the outer pieces…but when I unrolled it and looked at all the fabrics it was terribly disappointing. I didn’t like the fabrics together at all – it just looked like a bunch of junk! I removed the most offending pieces but there are still a few fabrics in there that I look at and think – pardon my French here, but honestly – WTF? I guess I didn’t have to use the fabrics together but my goal was completion and at the time I was just too lazy to rethink it.

Hot Plate

I can’t remember what the background fabric is. I’ve seen the honeycomb fabric out and about so it must be from a popular line. The plaid is a homespun that I picked up at the LQS for some other purpose that I’ve managed to forget. The loud KF fabrics begged me for a subdued touch so that is why I mixed it in.

Hot Plate

Anyway – I should call this quilt “Hot Plate Mess” because to me the colors and prints are pretty crazy. I do like the overall effect but I think it could have been better with other fabrics. The Husband thinks it looks graphic and bold and he is the artist around here so I guess I will be deferring to his opinion. It is more flattering than my own opinion, so…ya, I think I’ll go with it!

So here’s the current stack:
Hot Plate

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