D'oh!Thursday night I went to a guild meeting and…oh no…they are still looking for children’s quilts!  It seems one member, Millie, challenged us last summer to each make one quilt for her to give to a local organization that needs quilts for children.  That is what I started the Owl quilt for.  Then in November or December, another member, Avie, stood up and talked about the children’s quilts she had collected and given to a group.  This is where things break down for me.  If only I had written this stuff down!  After that meeting I thought I had missed Millie’s deadline (I did not remember it was Millie who had issued the challenge) and when I stumbled across the Queensland Flood appeal I re-dedicated the owl quilt to that.  Of course I am not sorry at all to have done that – the situation there was just awful and I am glad that I was able to do something.  But I felt pretty bad that I’d disappointed Millie. 

So.  What to do?  Well, one member of our group, Janice, decided that she was going to challenge herself not to make one quilt a year for Millie’s appeal – she was going to make one quilt a week.  Ho-ly Cow.  There is no way I can run with that pack.  Even though the child’s quilt can be super simple (most of Janice’s – which she delivered a big ‘ol bag of to the meeting – were made up entirely of 5 inch squares) that would take up all of my quilting time in two or three weeks to complete and I’d be behind with the very first quilt.  I should add that Janice has enlisted the help of her nieces and sister and I would not have any of that type of support to spread the work around.  Also Janice is a longarm quilter and can quilt one in about 1/2 an hour.  I’m just not that good.

Last night I woke up at 2 a.m. with a brilliant idea.  Instead of making one a week or even a month, I’ll make a new one every other month.  And I’m going to share them with you, just like I did the Owl Quilt.  I’m going to design a simple childsize quilt, sew it, quilt it, and write it up so that if you want to make a kids’ quilt that is simple and fast but is more than just squares you’ll also have a reference.  Including the Owl quilt that means I’ll create 6 charity quilts and tutorials this year. 

There it is.  My challenge to myself.  That means my next finished quilt and tutorial is due in April.  I already have an idea percolating.  I hope that some of you might find it useful.  Thanks for the challenge, Millie!

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  1. Noelle says:

    And because of the blog post…you’ve written it all down this time!

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