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Drop me an email!  You can use the form below or send it to kelley at pioneer quilter dot com.

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  1. Robyn Lawrence says:

    Loved hearing all about the quilt show! Keep up the good work, love listening to your podcasts…keep them coming!

    Hmmmm….could the answer be ‘rotary cutter’?


  2. Marilyn Marcus says:

    I’d like to send a photo of a wedding type star pattern….quilt that I have. The quilt itself is about 65-75 yrs old. Hand done. Perfect condition. None of my own resources have been able to tell me the exact name of the pattern. Maybe you can help.

  3. Vic Newell says:

    Kelley –

    I was just subjected to a massive e-mail attack. Your newsletter subscription confirmation e-mail was one of those. Do you have anything from ‘’
    in your e-mail addresses? I never signed up for this.

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