Another peek-a-boo owl flying around!

You might remember from this post way back last year in 2010 that I hosted a giveaway where the prize was a kit to make your very own Owl Quilt.  The winner was Heather and she recently quite graciously sent me a photo of her finished work!  Didn’t it turn out super-cute?

Heather's owl quilt

Heather's owl quilt

And here is her owl being shy:

Heather's shy owl quilt

That echo quilting is awesome.  It really makes the owl stand out!

And check out her back.  Wow!

Heather's owl quilt back

She also sent a few pics of another quilt she made called “Diamonds”:

Heather's Diamonds quiltHeather's Diamonds quilt

I loooove the blue.  I can’t get enough of that color!  In fact, even though I painted my kitchen a sort of robin’s egg blue (real robin’s egg, not the shade you might think of as robin’s eggs from Easter candy) I am thinking of adding a touch of icy blue to our foyer.  Hmm.  Can it be done tastefully?  Not sure…

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  1. Lynne says:

    Lovely owl quilt – he’s so cute when he’s shy!

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