Episode 40 – happy holidays!

Hey everyone! I hope you are having the merriest of holidays this 2011. Have you given or received quilty gifts? Do tell!

Show links:

Check out the new podcastThe Quilting Pot

Leah Day’s commentary on dropping your feed dogs

Leah Day’s demo of how to modify a plastic closed-toe darning foot:

Click here to play the podcast!

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2 Responses to Episode 40 – happy holidays!

  1. Debby says:

    Hi Kelley!

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for putting up another fun podcast…listening while I stitch. Speaking of FMQ without lowering the feeddogs, one of my best FM machines was an 1894 Singer model 15 treadle. I didn’t (couldn’t) lower the feeddogs and I didn’t cover them – just set the stitch length to zero.
    As far as your other questions, personally I wouldn’t want to read a quilting book as an ebook, but I don’t see any problem with you charging for a book (or any other item/pattern, etc) You deserve to be paid…after all you provide the podcast for free. :)

  2. I think an ebook is a fine idea. I do think you might want to look into some of the other publishing options too, though. I believe that Amazon and Barnes & Noble do both electronic and book publishing at no cost to you. Just something you might want to look into.

    On a different note, my LQS sent out a newsletter last night that included the information that there is a woman who will do binding for a price.

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