Episode 32 – Happy New Year!

What are your goals for 2011?  Here are a handful of mine:

  1. Complete the hand-pieced quilt that I designed (top is done!  woot!)
  2. Complete charity quilt that I designed (and give away a kit to a listener so they can make their own)
  3. Create a free tutorial/pattern from #2 and post it
  4. Sandwich and quilt the Sunburst quilt.  Maybe I’ll have it done for the guild show.
  5. Sandwich and quilt the Husband’s quilt made from art drawn by The Boy and The Girl.  If you want to make your own artwork quilt, I’ve posted instructions.
  6. Piece and complete another quilt of my own design.  This doesn’t have to be hand-pieced but it would be cool if it was.
  7. 14 podcasts.  I can’t seem to do much better than that!  Last year the goal was 18 and I think I hit 15.
  8. Host another challenge.  I’m thinking it might relate to finishes, but with a twist.

Check out Material Obsession 2 and Fabric Trends!

Have a listen!

PS – I was not compensated in any form for my comments about either MO2 or FT.

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One Response to Episode 32 – Happy New Year!

  1. Colleen says:

    Hi Kelley

    I have to agree with you about the Fabric Trends magazine being half upside down. I just find that annoying! I haven’t bought a copy – not for that reason, but because I’m not all that interested in looking at photos of fabric, and that’s half the magazine.

    I enjoyed this podcast and your word for 2011 – DO. When I see that, I think of Sandy at Quilting for the Rest of Us saying “Just get over yourself and do it”.


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