Hand Quilted Quilt

It has come to my attention that I have never posted a picture of a quilt that I hand-quilted on this blog.  What!?  I’m the pioneer quilter, always going on about hand this and hand that.  And here I’ve got no hand quilting on the site?

So here it is.  I made this for The Girl.  It was supposed to be a transition-to-big-kid-bed quilt when she turned 2.  It wasn’t finished and I think I gave it to her when she was 4.

A quilt I hand quilted for The Girl

And for all the time it took – hardly any of the quilting is visible because I did most of it in the ditch.  I will never do that again.  Also I’ll never hand quilt a flannel-backed quilt again, either!

It has been awhile since I’ve done any hand quilting.  I really miss it.  Sometime soon!

The name of this quilt was Black-eyed Susan and it was one of the last patterns I followed.  It was supposedly a “quick” pieced quilt but it took me forever to get pieced.  I can’t remember now what book the pattern was from – The Girl is 7 now so it has been probably 5 or more years since I saw that book.  I wonder what I did with it!  She sleeps with it on her bed in the winter time and Duke (the dog) has chewed some holes in it.  Sigh.

The reason I noticed that I have never posted a picture of a hand-quilted quilt is because I wanted to contribute to the Hand Quilting Celebration over at Michigan Quilts.

Run on over and check it out!

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