Quilt Show Judging

This week I attended quilt judging for my guild’s quilt show. It was an enlightening experience – you can learn so much listening to the comments that the judge makes.

Unfortunately I did not get to see my own quilts undergo her scrutiny. I entered two quilts – the Pinwheels Aplenty quilt and also a challenge quilt I made for my other guild some time ago.  (Sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of it.)  They both ended up in the same category and I had to leave to meet the school bus right as my category was coming out for judging. Sigh.  I’d say I wasted a vacation day except that her comments were useful reminders of the basics.

I did however get to see the quilt above judged. It was a round robin that I participated in, and I added the appliqued outer corners before handing it off to someone who created a pieced border. I was quite proud of how my addition to the quilt turned out because it was the first time I’d done so much applique. The quilt did not win a ribbon – darn! That was my best shot at being able to say I’d participated in an award-winning quilt this time. Oh well.  Such is life.  I didn’t make either of the quilts I entered with a show in mind and I know they have many of the flaws that the judge was not impressed with. I submitted them because I feel it is important for the guild members to participate and they were the quilts I had that were both finished and present.

Another great thing about going to the judging – I’m fired up to complete some quilts that have been languishing unfinished while I work on the charity challenge.  I’m working on the top of the third quilt – it is taking rapid shape!  Hopefully I’ll have an update and some pics of it for you soon .

Pinwheels Aplenty quilt

Have you ever put a quilt in a show? What was your experience?

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3 Responses to Quilt Show Judging

  1. NONNIE says:

    Annie Smith QUILTING Stash has podcast about quilt shows and judging. Shows 209-210-211 some really great insights into quilt show judging. I think it will give you some ideas into what they look at.


  2. Lynne says:

    As a novice quilter, the answer is no. I have, however, submitted knitted sweaters and won a couple of awards (small shows). I agree that it is important that we enter these events or they will disappear!

  3. Haley says:

    I haven’t, but I’ve only made a couple of quilts myself. I did check out what was entered at the county fair this year and was disappointed there was only ONE quilt and that was in the juniors category. I hear there’s a quilting guild in town, so why didn’t they enter?

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