Even in my dreams!

So how is this for weird.  I woke up this morning and realized I was dreaming about meeting Amy Karol, of Angry Chicken fame.  Why?  I don’t know.  In the dream I was at some kind of event where Amy was, and this up and comnig rock band was there too.  The lead singer looked an awful lot like the guy from 30 Rock who wears hats with sayings on them all of the time…and coincidentally we did watch the episode of 30 Rock last night where that character and another character decided they were going to start a band, but I digress.  Anyway.  The singer wanted to meet Amy and found her so beautiful and intimidating that he couldn’t approach her.  So he asked me to set it up somehow.  I remember thinking two things: one, I hope he doesn’t think she’ll be his groupie ’cause I am pretty sure she is married; and two, if it helps you remember she is human dude she doesn’t wash her hair (she uses a no shampoo method).  So.  Just as I was about to wake up I had this epiphany where I realized I was just as intimidated to meet her if not more than the ugly band dude.  She has this awesome blog, she organizes the Tie One On Apron challenge, she has written two books (Bend the Rules Sewing and Bend the Rules with Fabric), she is an artist, she does all this really cool crafty stuff with her kids…wow!  She is like a freaking one-woman army.  Why would she want to talk to a quilter-programmer from Ohio?

Of course I woke up then as I often do when realizing the most upsetting/scary part of a dream.  Or maybe it was because the dog stepped on my head.  Either way I woke up and ugly-band-guy never met Amy, and neither did I.  Oh well!

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