Dress update: wad that mother up

So the dress isn’t turning out as planned.  I think it looks funny around the neckline and The Husband says it looks “poochie” around my middle.  There isn’t enough time to fix it and I’m not sure I have the skills necessary to fix it anyway.  Off to the dress shop for me!  I love this dress from shopbop.com:

Pretty dress from shopbop.com

But I don’t think I have the toned & tan back necessary to pull it off.

Also – does anyone else think The Husband is saying I have a gut when he says it is “poochie”???

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2 Responses to Dress update: wad that mother up

  1. Colleen says:

    The dress in the photo would take some courage to wear! And a great looking back.

    I’m guessing that your dress has some gathers around the waist, and your hubby is thinking it looks like you have a gut, when he knows that in other clothes you don’t.

    Do you find it frustrating that you go to all the work to sew an item of clothing, only to put it on and find it doesn’t look on you like you thought it would? That’s why I gave up clothes sewing. Quilts always look good.

  2. Lynne says:

    I’m with Colleen – I gave up sewing my own clothes for exactly the same reason!

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