Episode #1

Pioneer Quilter – episode 1: intro

Hello all you pioneer quilters out there!  This marks the beginning of my jump into podcasting.  I’m really excited to bring a spotlight to my favorite aspect of quilting: handwork!  In this episode I talk a little bit about my goals for the program, as well as the types of things I’d like to talk about and the format I’d like to use on the show. 

In this episode, I mentioned the book that I initially learned quilting from,  Fons and Porter’s Quilter Complete Guide.  I still use it and it has sadly fallen apart.  They have a hard-cover version for sale on their website for only $20.  I think it is well worth the price.

If you’d like to send me some email, my address is kelley at pioneerquilter dot com.  I hope you enjoyed my first show!

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One Response to Episode #1

  1. Lindi says:

    Kelley, I just learned about your podcast on Annie’s Quilting Stash. Just listened to the first one. I too enjoy handwork although mine is counted cross stitch, redwork, and needlepoint. Thanks and I look forward to listening to the others.

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