Episode #3 – The Queen of hand piecing

Episode #3 – The Queen of Hand Piecing

First: a big Pioneer Quilter thanks to two of my heroes – Annie Smith of Quilting Stash and Jennifer Ruvalkaba of Patchwork and Pacifiers.  Annie was the first person to leave a comment on my podcast’s blog.  Jennifer mentioned me in episode #13 of her show.  Thank you so much for your encouragement, ladies!  I can’t tell you how excited I was when I realized you both might have taken a listen. 

And, yes, I am a dork.  I easily admit this.

Some other podcasts that I mention on today’s show:

And one that is now retired but is still worth a listen:

Today my major topic is the Queen of Hand-piecing herself – Jinny Beyer.  IMO Jinny owns a great majority of the credit for the interest that hand-piecing has.  I would love to meet her in person some day…and taking a piecing class taught by her would be the bee’s knees.  Jinny, call me! 😉

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2 Responses to Episode #3 – The Queen of hand piecing

  1. Emily Hinkel says:

    I am very excited that you are doing a podcast about hand piecing and hand quilting. My favorites!! I too find the sound of that thread going through the fabric magical. I look forward to your future podcasts.

  2. Brye says:

    Kelley – I really enjoyed your podcast. I am a novice quilter who constantly gets pulled away from the craft because of work and family. I can really relate to what you say because I also have hand pieced and quilted as a way to balance my crafting with my family time; sitting in the living room as “the husband” watches TV. My daughter, who is also four, really enjoys helping with my handwork by pulling the needle out and handing me my pieces, etc…

    I have often thought about starting my own podcast for beginning quilters and I didn’t think I would have the time. But listening to you, I have gained more confidence.

    Keep it up – I look forward to your next episode.


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