Episode 42

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My current list of quilting podcasts in iTunes:

  • American Patchwork and Quilting Radio (Pat Sloan)
  • Annie Smith’s Quilting Stash
  • Creative Mojo
  • History Quilter
  • Katie’s Quilting Corner
  • Lazy Daisy Quilts
  • Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams
  • The Off-Kilter Quilt
  • Peacebrook Quilting
  • Quilt Cabana Corner
  • Quilter in the Gap
  • Quilting…for the Rest of Us
  • Quilting Day Dreams
  • Qusew
  • Scientific Quilter
  • Sew Forth Now
  • Stash Resolution
  • The Quilting Pot

And you can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

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4 Responses to Episode 42

  1. Darla says:

    Jean still occasionally podcasts at Quilted Cupcake (about once a month or so)
    Also Jackie’s Quilting Chronicles does a monthly podcast (usually interviews)
    Pam at Hip to be a Square podcast (weekly)

    I know about the listening burnout, I had to stop listening to Pat and Mark. Their interview format is great, but, I’d rather just listen to people mostly talk about themselves. If I’d still be listening to Pat and Mark, I’d never get any non-quilting podcasts in, and during some times, that’d be hard to deal with. No offense to those who like the interview style better.

    Thanks for coming back Kelley! And twitter is great, but can be a time suck if you let it be. Have to filter there too or burnout as well. Take care!

  2. How about the SeamedUp Podcast?

  3. Lauretta6 says:

    Good to here from you again. Your husband sounds like he is never a dull moment.

  4. Vikki says:

    Kelley, I’m glad you got your mojo back. I endorse the idea of your hubby starting a FB reading comments podcast! It would be a hoot. Tell him to go for it. Then I would make you promise to keep your podcast on topic. :)

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