Episode 53 – Perfection is overrated

Today I talked about perfection and how it can be used as a shield. Do you get upset when your quilts aren’t perfect? What is the difference between quilting with excellence in mind versus quilting with perfection?

I also talked about the awesome book below. If you are wanting to make a scrap quilt and don’t know where to start or just want some fun scrappy patterns this is a great resource.

Note that this is an affiliate link and if you follow this link and make any Amazon purchase I will make a small commission.

I tried a new recording method this time in an effort to reduce the endless background noise in previous episodes. What do you think? Is the quality so bad that you prefer the noise of the TV or dogs? Let me know!

You can click here to listen to (or download, if you right-click and choose ‘save as’) the show. Thank you for listening and have a great day!

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One Response to Episode 53 – Perfection is overrated

  1. Torie says:

    I guess I fall in the perfectionist at work and not so much in other places category. Even at work, I tend to work too much on the small, controllable details and not on the big picture. I call myself a “scrimshaw artist,” because I work on perfecting the process, like the old sailors making small designs on bits of whale bone.

    In crafting, I am a perfectionist when it comes to X-stitch, but not with quilting. I get very excited when my points match, but do not make myself crazy if they don’t.

    Thank you for the E-mails; they are much appreciated.

    All the best.

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