Episode 62 – beginner machine for a child?

Hey, Quilters! So these are some of the machines I was considering purchasing for The Girl from Amazon:

And then also this one:

What do you think? Has anyone purchased a machine for a child and had a good/bad/neutral experience? What do you all suggest? Maybe I should stop by the local quilt shop and get some input.

You can check out the Paris Bag pattern here. And here is the Amy Butler weekender pattern. Perhaps it is just that the AB bag looks stiffer and more polished…do you see the diaper bag-esqueness to the Paris bag? Is it just me?

You can click here to listen to (or download, if you right-click and choose ‘save as’) the show. Don’t forget to leave me a comment and say hi. Thank you for listening and have a great day!

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5 Responses to Episode 62 – beginner machine for a child?

  1. Sue says:

    I have the little Hello Kitty machine and it sews quite nicely. I got mine on clearance for $50.00 at Target several years ago. I have found them on eBay, new, for around $50.00. But that was a couple years ago, too. The only problem I have had with Hello Kitty is she is a little wobbly so I use a small rubber door stop to support the end.

    How fun that The Girl wants to learn how to sew.


  2. I have heard good things about the Hello Kitty Janome. It seems really similar to my Janome Jem Gold2 which is a really good basic machine. Though my dealer said of all the Janomes, mine was one of his least favorite. I haven’t had any trouble though. My machine is actually my daughter’s that she got a few years ago from my in-laws. It was perfect for her. She was 9 or 10. My older 3 (13, 11, 8) have all used it with no trouble. Yeah, don’t get the chain stitch machine. Check with local sew and vac stores to see if they have any low end Janomes that are trade ins.

    I see the diaper bag look, but then fabrics and accents can make a big difference too. There is a bag pattern on ETSY you might like,
    , and I have seen one gal make 3 of them, after deciding against the Weekender, all a little different:

    As far as gifts, someone posted this rule for Christmas gifts: Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.
    My kids don’t get 4 gifts, really. One from Santa and 1 from us. We take them to target or toys r us and I write them down and take photos of the things they want.

    I finished Dracula and it ended up good. I was a little worried towards the end. :) Those men were a little clueless.

  3. FYI for Goodreads, their APP has a barcode scanner that makes is really easy to add books to your shelf. I am not sure what devices it is good for though.


    I am Zippy, cowboy costume with a red hat, red bandana, black mustache. :) I sent you an invite that should give you my info, I think.

  4. Torie says:

    Does getting a machine for my 24 year old niece count as getting one for a child?

    My husband’s niece came to visit recently and decided that she wanted to make a Jelly Roll race quilt. I let her use my Bernina and she was very good with it. All the women on that side of the family are quuite crafty, so she comes by it naturally. She cast longing eyes on my machine; don’t I want to upgrade and give her my machine? Um, NO!

    She is debating getting one from Joann’s or Walmart, since she is a Grad Student on a limited budget. I am trying to discourage this, but not getting far. And, no, I’m not buying it for her. I did already buy the jelly roll and the backing, which was not cheap.

    Sometimes you just gotta let them figure it out by themselves.

    All the best.

  5. Kati R. says:

    Hi Kelley,
    I just listened to your podcast while driving and doing laundry afterwards and wanted to put my 2 cents down about something you said on the podcast. Which was that you thought that Singer had a bad reputation except the vintage machines. I’m a Singer person, I owned a Singer basic machine (Which is I believe around $80 at Walmart) when I lived back in Europe and then I bought the same basic one for my first sewing machine in the US. Never had problems with either of them. Later on I sold the one I had and bought an Ingenuity which is a great machine and I bought this one 5 years ago. The only complain I have is that it doesn’t have a needle down option. It sews a great straight stitch, tension is perfect, I clean it regularly (even though I have to oil it soon I guess)and never had a problem with it. I recently went to a quilt show and tried out other sewing machines and none of them had the same quality stitch as mine. It could be the crappy thread quality that they put those machines out threaded with for testing, I don’t know. So just wanted to say don’t write Singer down. On another note I love your podcast and miss the Husband’s funny interactions :) Hi to him! Have a wonderful Christmas and I’m looking forward to your next podcast! I’ll miss you while you’re on “break”! :)

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