Episode 68 – Compliment Challenge

So will you take the challenge? For the rest of the year, when someone compliments a quilt you made/are making, you must accept the comment graciously with a simple ‘thank you’ and NO self-flagellating or¬†disparaging remarks! Got it? You can read about Angela Walters using this rule here.

If you like Darla’s podcast, The Scientific Quilter…head on over here and give her some love.

Did you go to your LQS for quilt shop day?  I did!

My LQS - A Piece In Time

My LQS – A Piece In Time

I bought thread & some new machine needles.

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3 Responses to Episode 68 – Compliment Challenge

  1. I have already taken and acted on the challenge. I finished a UFO and got some compliments on it in our Facebook group. It was hard to keep my mouth shut about the binding fabric choice. :) But I did! Thanks for the challenge.
    Great podcast! I listened last night during FNSI while I made the binding.

    I did not make it to my quilt shop, though I had every intention to. I had a sick child at home so no outings for mom!

  2. Nonnie says:

    I was going through the check book and added up how much I spent at the LQS in the past year so I opted NOT to go to the shop this past week… I looked at my stash and I have no more room for quilting stuff… so I might not get to the LQS for the next year (except for thread ) Need to finish the UFO and work on what I have instead.

    What I have decided is the my LQS does not carry the fabric that are in current demand and I think that is where their lack of business comes from. It always looks tired and old with mostly repro fabrics and those fabric seem to be in a demand decline. Quilting is such a individual and personal choices of fabrics and creative techniques it is hard to support shops that do not support the style of quilting you do.


  3. Torie says:

    Thanks for the challenge. It’s a good idea, both in quilts and life.

    Did not make it to any of the LQS that day, but have spent lots of time at all of them this year.

    All the best.

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