Episode 73 – The Husband

Happy National Quilting Day! What did you do to celebrate? I am working on quilting this quilt:

February 2013 002

And I also did some hand quilting at the shop while The Girl took her sewing class. At least I did until I broke my bazillionth needle. Then I just shopped. Who can blame me, though? I was in a shop. With quilting stuff! I couldn’t resist.

This episode is special because it is The Husband’s birth year (73). He is on this show, so be warned…much straying from the subject occurs when The Husband has a say.

If you live in Northeast Ohio and are looking to enter a quilt show…might I suggest this one? Please!

Enjoy the show! Thank you for listening and have a great week. Quilt on!

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11 Responses to Episode 73 – The Husband

  1. Gretchen F says:

    Glad to hear I’m not the only person breaking needles hand quilting these days! I’ve been bending several also.

  2. A.J. Dub (Amy) says:

    The food I love but regret eating is chocolate. I love it really, eating it is awesome but a few hours later I’m hating life. It makes me so sick! And it takes a couple of days to recover.

    I have made a few of those ten minute table runners. In fact I have a link on my blog in the tutorials tab. It started with my daughter who got some fabric from her grandmas who came across the pattern together at a shop in Utah. She helped me write a tutorial for it.
    It is pretty nice that the shop provides such nice projects for your daughters sewing class.

    1600 inches is 133.333… feet.
    Little tissue holders are fun and fast for kids to make as well as little tote bags.

    I hope your quilt show gets some more entries.

    Congrats on the anniversary! Alone time ideas, we watch movies, go shopping, snuggle and chat, walk, go sit on the beach, go out for dinner. We used to play board games but neither of us like the same ones so we quit doing that. We are pretty boring I guess.

    You guys are so fun to listen to. :) You sound like such good friends.

    For the husband – I want to participate.

    I am commenting as I listen which is why my comment is so disjointed.

  3. Jenny Faasavalu says:

    The foods I always regret eating are carbs! I just ate cake too and felt sick after! :) But they are just so good while you chew. :)

  4. Cindy Smith says:

    Hey Kelley,

    My food guilty pleasure is chips and salsa or homemade flour tortillas. For cake, I like not too sweet cakes like a pound cake or oatmeal cake. I could really do without sweets, just give me bread.

    I am wondering what A.J. (Amy) Dubb’s website is? I would like to check out her tutorial.

    I always enjoy when you have “the husband” on!


  5. Kim Benner says:

    My guilty food is steak sauce from my favorite Japanese restaurant here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I love it so much and then eat so much of it….on rice….yum….but then feel icky as it’s made with raw egg and does bad things to my tummy! teehee

    And when me and the boyfriend are childless….alone at home…..we clean the house so it’s clean for about 12 hours until all the babes get back and destroy it.

    Thanks Kelley and husband for a great episode!

  6. Torie says:

    You are not the only ones who tell stories about your children. My Mom, who is 76, is still known to whip pork chop or rib bones off plates, exclaiming at all the good meat left on them. The only way to stop her is to tell her that it’s your “Bonne Bouche.” Mom was taught by French nuns, so they had phrases like Bonne Bouche for the last little bite on a plate, Gouter for snack and Conge for games. The words look better with the accident marks.

    All the best.

  7. Laura says:

    My husband has high cholesterol and is sensitive about it t00. :)

  8. Jill Dreams says:

    Hi, I’ve been listening for a few months and promised my self I’d start commenting. Happy Birth year to hubby, I felt for him when complaining about his age only a little because my birth year was 63. I had to laugh about the doughnut limit. There is s scientific term for that point where the max enjoyment of food is met and beyond that is yuck. It’s called the ‘bliss point’. My bliss point in doughnuts is one half, on the other hand in pieces of coffee cake it’s 4. Keep posting, I really enjoy it!

  9. Karen DePalma says:

    Very sweet episode. It’s quite enjoyable to listen to the banter between the two of you. I can’t wait for my daughter to be a bit older and be able to use a machine too!

  10. Jenny D says:

    Guilty food … fairy floss … think cotton candy.

  11. Gigi (Gwenn) says:

    I really enjoyed the show with the husband! You two are so entertaining together. Congratulations on maintaining such a long relationship!!!!
    My guilty foods are carbs and sweats!!!
    Keep up the wonderful show! Thanks

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