Episode 75 – ready for the show!

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February 2013 002


This quilt is DONE!  Bam!


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3 Responses to Episode 75 – ready for the show!

  1. Awesome! I hope we get to see pics after the quilt show. And good luck with the show too!

  2. Nonnie says:

    IF you like feathers check out PATSY THOMPSON’s feather series… she shows you how to make many different styles of FMQ on a domestic machine. I think she has three DVDs just on feathers. I bought mine via JoAnn with coupons for less then $20 each. … one led me into the other till I had them all.
    Amazon usually has them for cheap too.

    I have been FMQ and posting pics on my blog. I also posted close up pictures of award winner Pat Holly who came to our guild…. she does miniatures and the FMQ is so exquisite. I have been studying FMQ this past year and decided that is what I like best about quilting… that and thread painting. BUT I need to practice more.

    Have you tried using press and seal for marking your quilt… that is something I am trying when I do traditional patterns from books.

    Have fun with your quilt show… they are a lot of work but fun to meet fellow enthusiasts.



  3. Torie says:

    Can’t FMQ worth a darn, but admire those who do. Feathers are always lovely.

    You are wise to let your daughter set her own pace; I have not always been so wise.

    All the best.

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