Episode #8 – frugal quilting continued

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HOT NEWS!!!  The Clues in the Calico is available as an ebook for $19.99.  This long sought-after book was out of print.  Thanks to the miracles of science we can all download our own personal electronic copy.  Yippee

‘Quilting with Machines’ will be held in Aurora, Ohio from October 22nd to the 24th (2009).  If you are interested in learning to machine quilt using any type of machine – domestic, short, mid, or long this is the place for you!  And some famous quilters will be there too.

On to frugal quilting.  We’re making a hand-pieced potholder.  What fun.  (And here’s a frugal point – it’s “fun”ctional!)  What you’ll need:

  1. Fabric – 3 coordinating cotton fat quarters should suffice; or you could do it frugal all the way and go scrappy with lights/darks for design contrast
  2. cotton thread
  3. cotton batting (just say no to poly!!!  It will melt in this case.  Same goes for the thread.)
  4. template material – plastic, cardboard, whatever.
  5. Printout of the template

Create the template – cut the paper copy out and tape it on your template material.  Trace around the edge and cut out the template on the line.  Then poke holes at the four corner dots and transfer the arrow onto your template material.

Using the template – lay fabric right side down on a rough surface, such as a piece of sandpaper.  Put the template down on the fabric.  Carefully line the arrow on the template up with the threads in your fabric…the arrow and the threads should appear to be parallel to each other.  Trace around the edge, mark the corner dots through the holes and cut it out. 

Cut – 5 squares using the template from one color and 4 from the other color for the front.  You’ll need a 10 inch x 10 inch piece for the back, and a 38 inch binding that is 2.5 inches wide.

That’s it!  You are ready for next time.  Have a great day!

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  1. alicia says:

    On the question of whether to judge a quilt show or not, firstly I am a beginner quilter and have been impressed by most quilts that I’ve seen. To me it wouldn’t matter if a show was judged or not, as long as there were enough quilts to make it worth by time visiting.

    I too think I heard your dog walking on the wood floors, but I thought it you were knitting while podcasting. I was impressed by your multiskilling abilities. LOL

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