Episode 81

So this is from last week and now I can’t remember what I said?!

I know there was discussion of Project Runway.  Go Heidi & Tim!

Project Runway!

And I started working on a project from this class at Craftsy.

And check out the new Keepsake Quilting catalog.  It gets me in the mood for Fall!

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4 Responses to Episode 81

  1. Rhea says:

    I use Feedly, to replaced my Google Reader. I like it because you can customize it for different “feeds”. So I have categories that I put my websites in i.e. cooking, sewing, scrapbooking, travel, etc, so that I can either look at all or one specific category.

  2. I like Feedly. I did not like bloglovin. Feedly stays logged in and syncs automatically across any platform. I use my iPhone, Nexus 7 tablet and my desktop. Only one thing bugs me and it’s in the desktop version and that is in the sidebar, if I miss and click on the number of posts listed in a category that are unread instead of the category title, it marks them all read and there’s no easy way to recover.

    I may think of something else but right now I am fried and need to go to bed. :)

  3. Colleen says:

    I’ve been using Bloglovin. It’s uncomplicated – just lists your unread blogs in date order, with the blog title, and the first couple lines – although you can set up groups, if you like. I like it for the simplicity. The other thing I like about it is that you can “like” a post. So, if there is, for example, a great tutorial on a post, I can like it, then find it easily later.

  4. Torie says:

    I have not used a Blog reader, since I don’t have a Smart phone. I just sort of check up on my faves as I think about it.

    Hope dress making went well.

    All the best.

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