Episode 82 – not sewing quilts?!

Back to school time!  I’ve set quilting aside for a bit as I get some apparel sewing out of my system.

So what have I been sewing?

The Bombshell Dress from this class at Craftsy.

And I also signed up to do this class and this class, also at Craftsy.

What have you been sewing?

Hey, about a year ago I was turning over my charity challenge.  I sure did love that shooting heart quilt.

April 2011 182

Thanks for listening!

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5 Responses to Episode 82 – not sewing quilts?!

  1. Janet says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the finish coat that you are making through the Craftsy class.

  2. Brye Lynn says:

    I started out as an apparel sewist, and now I really don’t like it. However, I loved this episode. I really enjoyed hearing about your apparel projects and I had the little twinge to finish a dress I started a while ago – but of course, I started working on my quilt and that thought went away quickly :). I would never have the guts to try a jacket, so hats off to you! Thanks for all you do, Kelly – I really enjoy your show.

  3. Kati R. says:

    I’d love to see a picture of the bombshell dress please! Did you find fleece for the kids’ coats?

  4. janet says:

    Listening to you talk about garment sewing brought back many memories of when I was in school home ec and 4-H, when I learned about garment sewng. I did all right in the garment sewing area but since I was obigated to make the projects I did not enjoy it very much. After leaving home, I did make a wool hooded jacket for myself and items for the family and it was enjoyable to do something without the pressure.

    I have not sewn outfits since my children have grown up and don’t need Halloween outfits anylonger. Those were fun to make.

    I liked hearing about your garment sewing. The coat sounds awesome. I look forward to seeing photos of you items when they are finished.

  5. Bethany says:

    Hi Kelley! I’ve been listening to your podcast for quite some time now, I love it. :) This is a little random, but I was wondering if you might someday podcast about hand quilting? I’ve been quilting for a long time but have never done anything by hand. I’m just curious about which types of needles to use, which type of thread, thimbles, if there is a certain type of batting that is easier to quilt through by hand? I’ll admit I did try this once, but getting a needle through two layers of kona and warm and natural batting was really hard! I don’t know if you have any tips to make it easier, but I’d love to hear anything you have to say on the subject! If it isn’t your thing or something you’re just not doing right now that’s cool too. :) Take care! Love the podcast!

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