Episode 12 – where is Kelley?

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So, what the heck happened to me?  I’m still alive and kicking.  Thanks so much to the concerned listeners who checked in on me!!!  Life just got in the way a bit there.  I’ve still got plenty to talk about in my head, though, so I’ll be delivering up some new shows soon.  Thanks for your patience :)

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5 Responses to Episode 12 – where is Kelley?

  1. cindy lewis says:

    Kelley, so glad to hear you back on the podcast..it was a nice suprise tonight. We podcast listeners have missed you.

  2. Ruthann says:

    You didn’t think your latest podcast had much information, but it DID! WOW, what an upheaval your life is in right now! I hope you find your home soon — you are so lucky to have wonderful in-laws. And your husband is so sweet!

    Looking forward to when your life is a little calmer so you can podcast regularly again!

    Ruthann (from Mirkwood Designs)

  3. Corinne says:

    Yay! You’re back!
    Wow, you were busy. I’m glad that you are able to squeeze time in for podcasts. Good luck in the house hunt.
    (yes, it is pronounced “Coreeen”, my mother just had to spell it differently) :)

  4. Robyn Lawrence says:

    YAY! You’re back!

  5. Debby L says:

    Glad you are back!!


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