A quilt goes off to Japan

Without further ado…
"Rainbows from the heart"

Rainbows from the Heart

 I finished it last night and took it to be mailed to Quilters Newsletter this morning.  It turned out exactly as I sketched it – I’m so pleased with the results.  You can’t tell from this shot but the heart is red satin, and the quilting is all inter-linking puffy clouds.  I wish the quilting had turned out better.  As usual it is very difficult to machine quilt on a 3×5 inch flat surface.  Also I had some tension issues that were only sporadically solved.  The back is blue flannel with a swirly pattern on it.  It was meant for a quilt I made for The Boy but it turned out that I didn’t buy enough.  It was the perfect size for this quilt, though.  The batting is Hobbs wool.  I’ve never used that before and found it pretty easy to work with. 

You might be wondering what is up with the other quilt – the twin.  The twin is pieced but is not sandwiched or quilted yet.  Because today was the absolute deadline to finish I chose to stop work on the twin instead of doing each step side-by-side as I had been doing.  I think though that I’m going to stick with straight line quilting on that one, so hopefully it will be complete in a few weeks.  Charity quilt #3 (I am counting Rainbows from the Heart as #’s 2a and 2b since they are the same pattern) is rattling around ferociously, trying very hard to find the way out of that tangled mess in my brain.  But first I have to get the tutorial together for #2.

Here are a few more parting shots…I’m so thrilled with this.  Simple but graphically cool.  BTW it was inspired by a combo of those shirts we wore in the eighties with rainbows across the arms and chest…and also by the PowerPuff girls.  Weird but fitting combo.



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3 Responses to A quilt goes off to Japan

  1. Noelle says:

    I think it came out BEAUTIFULLY!!

  2. Corinne says:

    Its lovely! And it looks to be the perfect size for kids (as a blanket or a superhero cape).

  3. Janet says:

    I like the quilt. I like the rainbow to the heart design.

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