Fast pinwheels!

Hey, am I the last person on the planet to see this?!  Isn’t it awesome?  I think I will see if I can use this technique on one of my kid quilts.  Wow.

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  1. Rhea says:

    That is fantastic. I haven’t seen that either. I am a beginner so I don’t know a lot yet, but I will get there!

  2. Amy says:

    It’s so funny that you would post this today! I just saw the video on Saturday and made a bunch of pinwheels that way. I even went and bought another charm pack today so I could make another baby quilt with them. Of course, I *had* to buy fabric for sashing, too. :) Have fun!

  3. The only thing you absolutely need to remember with making HST with this method is that the outer edges are all going to be *bias*. That means if you don’t handle them carefully, they will stretch and you will have a distorted block.

    But, as long as you are aware of that, then it is an easy way to make HST. :-)

  4. oh, dang .. I forgot to mention … when I *do* have blocks with bias edges, I like to spritz them with something to stabilize them. At first, I was using Mary Ellen’s Best Press .. fantastic stuff, but boy is it expensive! I found myself evaluating blocks to see if they were “worthy” of being spritzed! Geez, what a doofus!

    Then, a suggestion from a fellow quilter got me to use Magic Sizing (from the Faultless Starch company). It’s in a spray can and, as far as I can see, does exactly the same thing as Mary Ellen’s but for *far less*. (Well, Mary Ellen’s is a hand pump bottle so if you don’t like aerosols that could be a factor, but using aerosols doesn’t bother me.) I get my supply at WalMart for 97¢ a can. That’s right .. a *can*. (My grocery store sells it for over $2 a can. I vote with my wallet. :-) )

    I love, *love*, LOVE Magic Sizing. It gives just a bit of body to the block … holding recalcitrant seams in place, stabilizing edges or just plain beefing up the block for subsequent handling.

    I always launder my quilts when they are done, so whatever Magic Sizing is .. or whatever Mary Ellen’s is … gets washed out at that time, so I don’t need to be concerned about leaving either substance on my quilt.

  5. Corinne says:

    I have been watching the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials for months and I LOVE them. They have some really great ideas!

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